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4 Quls Kufic Basmala, Surah Al-Falaq, An-Nas, Al-Ikhlas, Al Kafirun Acrylic/Wooden Wall Art - Islamic Wall Art Store
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XLarge | 59"x59" | 150x150 cmLarge | 47.2"x47.2" | 120x120cmMedium | 36"x36" | 90x90 cmSmall | 28"x28" | 70x70 cm

4 Quls Kufic Acrylic/Wooden Wall Art By Islamic Wall Art Store 


Small Size : 28"Hx28"W (70x70 cm) 

Medium Size: 36"Hx36"W (90x90 cm) 

Large Size: 47.2x47.2 inches (120x120 cm)

XLarge Size: 59x59 inches (150x150 cm)

Depth: 6 Millimeters

(Dimension is for the whole decor and calculated with no gap between pieces)

The artwork will be sent in 5 pieces including the centre piece and will be combined by the buyer while mounting on the wall via small nails. Easy to apply.

3 mm MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) wood is created 2 times with laser cut and attached together for black surfaces(totally: 6mm), gold and silver surfaces are extra coated with 1,2 mm shiny Plexy(totally:7 mm)

Hanging Instructions:
It can be easily hanged with nails. Few tiny nails will be provided.

Cleaning Instructions:
Please clean with a dry and soft cloth. Never wipe with a wet cloth using water, alcohol, or any other chemical liquids. Since it has a very glossy surface, it is recommended not to touch the front surface to prevent fingerprints.

The proportion of the size is perfectly calculated according to the thickness and flexibility of the wood.

3D art will enrich home decor, the room environment and provide an elegant look to space.

Islamic Wall Art Store is an expert on wooden wall art decor portraits. Best quality materials are used in our product designs.
• Wooden decor portrait
• Unique design shiny silver color.
• The product has three dimensions.
• This product will be sent as ready to hang.

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