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Arabic scripts' historical importance is considered a spiritual element in different ornamental shapes and designs....”

Arabic Wall Arts...

Islamic Calligraphy wall art is the first thing that comes to our minds when talking about Arabic wall art. Perhaps, most of you have heard about calligraphy in the Islamic world. Or you may have already seen one or have been using an Islamic Calligraphy wall art in your place, too. Let’s learn more…

What is Islamic Calligraphic Art?

Calligraphic art is a type of visual art related to writing words, usually with extended tails. It is the work of aesthetic handwriting depicting Islamic heritage with alphabetical patterns. Islamic calligraphic art is exercised using a special tipped pen or brush moved in horizontal, diagonal, or vertical ways.

Why is Islamic Calligraphic Art so Important?

Islamic Calligraphy wall art is very prominent in the world of Muslims. And it is regarded as the most fundamental element of Islamic art in the houses or workplaces of the Muslim population. Its significance comes from Holy Qur'an, God's revelations to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Therefore, Arabic scripts' historical importance is considered a spiritual element in different ornamental shapes and designs. For this reason, the Arabic world, together with Islamic communities all around the world, uses a variety of Islamic Calligraphy wall art in their places not only as a piece of art but also as a holy element that gives them the peace and relaxation that they need in the places they live in.

In this respect, Arabic Calligraphy Wall Art is also believed to honor and respect the Holy Qur'an by beautifully capturing its meaningful words and verses in a piece of art hanging on their walls in the best parts of their houses.  

The Most Preferred Islamic Calligraphy Wall Art of Today

Calligraphy is not a new concept itself. However, it has gained popularity as wall art for interior design in recent years. Now, it is possible to enrich your homes with countless types of different Islamic Calligraphy wall arts.

There are wooden, metal, glass, or canvas versions of Arabic Calligraphy Wall Art. They come in different shapes and dimensions to match all houses and different roomsFor example, a stunning,shiny, silver Ayatul Kursi is a piece of Islamic wall art that everyone would like to include in their living areas such as homes or workplaces.  An Acrylic/Wooden First Kalima Islamic Wall Art, on the other hand, is one of the first things that Muslim families would like to hang on their walls.

Islamic Calligraphy wall art also includes many invaluable, stunning piece of glass wall art decors that adds extra elegance to our homes.

In short, when art is considered at home, Islamic Calligraphy is the first thing that comes to our minds. As Muslims, we are inspired by the vision of the letters beautifully embroidered on pieces of a variety of materials. The peace and the inspiration that each piece of Islamic Calligraphy wall art gives us is priceless. Therefore, any piece of wall art from a rich collection of Arabic Calligraphy wall art is worth everything as long as beauty, serenity, and blessing are targeted.

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