Arabic Calligraphy Tempered Glass Wall Art Decors

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57 products

With advanced technology providing versatility options for every style, glass is one of the most significant home decors. However, it is not clear who invented the glass or where it is unmistakable that Islamic Glass Art had brought it to a different level. As A. Y. Al-Hassan, writer of 'Science and Technology in Islam: Technology and Applied Sciences' mentioned in his study, 

"Under Islam, the glass industry witnessed a revival. The old centers  flourished, and new ones were established. The remarkable, sumptuous Islamic glass treasures which are distributed among museums throughout the world bear witness to the high artistic and technological level of Islamic glass."

 Tempered Glass Wall Art

With technological progress used in glass production, tempered glass has come to our world. It is more durable compared to regular glass and safer. Now we can use the glass' extremely graceful designs much more comfortably. Islamic Glass Wall Art provides exclusive decors which are made of tempered glass. They are durable, frameless, contemporary wall art. 

Fragile glass art objects are not that fragile anymore, and as simple or fancy style, they can be present in normal homes or fancy hotels or stylish offices or royal courts. Using Glass as decoration is the most stylish option that is never out of fashion. 

Jewel of Interior Design

 Furniture is the dress of the interior design, but the Arabic glass wall art is the jewel that completes the overall look. They are unique and eyecatcher that all visitors will admire. The vibrant colors will be the focal point of the interior design. The reflectivity of the glass will create hues of light waves. An exquisite piece of Islamic glass wall art shows us the taste and style of the user and the talents of the designer. A glitzy glass wall art that will reflect the user's character is perfect to complete the interior design.

Arabic Glass Wall Art

Islamic glass art, which is adorned with rich, vibrant colors and patterns, has been used for centuries to decorate mosques, palaces, and homes as lamps, vases, beakers, and flasks. Printed on high-quality tempered glass brings out the colors glamorously. Rich colors perfectly fit the interior decoration or create contrast as the desired style. In addition, it can boost the light waves within the room. With its tempered nature and increased durability, everyone's eyes will be on it for many years.


Arabic calligraphy tempered glass wall art decors have collections ranging from modern, contemporary designs to fancy pieces. Colorful prints of your inspirational Quran Quotes or 3D Calligraphy pieces on tempered glass in a wide variety of colors create unique work of wall art options. They are the perfect gift for any Muslim for a wedding, new home, birthday, Eid, or special day. They can be easily cleaned with a wet fabric. Glass Wall Arts easy to hang with a special hanging part back of the piece and a small nail it is ready. 

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