Different Ideas for Islamic Room Decor


Elaborative thought prevails in every aspect of life, and; Islamic room decor is always livable and attractive with careful touches...”

Islamic Room Decor Ideas...

Home means everything for Islamic life because privacy is a must for Muslims. Therefore, considering the time spent at home, a spacious and spiritual house is as important as the home itself for a Muslim family. Therefore, the decor of the Muslim home is extremely important.

The religion of Islam never prescribes a boring lifestyle. Elaborative thought prevails in every aspect of life, and; Islamic room decor is always livable and attractive with careful touches.   

Whether it's the living room, the bedroom, the entrance, or the hall, this beauty and thoughtfulness make itself visible in every part of the house.


Objects such as human figures or statues are inappropriate in Islamic room decor.  Islam indeed attaches great importance to ornaments, but it cannot contradict the beliefs in Islam. Therefore, the first thing to consider when decorating an Islamic house is avoiding objects that do not go with the Islamic way of life.

As mentioned above, some items have been banned as home decor does not mean that an Islamic house remains dull without any decor. On the contrary, Islamic room decor has become so rich that we come across the most beautiful paintings suitable for Islamic life in homes or workplaces today.


Among the most preferred home artwork is Islamic Calligraphy. That is seen in various wall art hung on the walls of Islamic homes, decorated with beautiful words suitable for the verse, hadith, or the Quran. For example, you can start decorating your room with a piece of wall art that salutes your guests with the name of Allah (SWT) at the entrance.

Furthermore, when our guests enter the living room, they must be welcomed by a piece of heartwarming Islamic wall art that will make them feel peaceful and safe. Our living rooms are also the most commonly used areas of our house. Therefore, its decor is extremely important for the comfort of both the household and our guests. For this reason, they should be decorated with the most beautiful and shiny Islamic room decor.

Apart from the living room and the hall, our study room, and bedroom, which are the places we use as often, should also be peaceful and calming in accordance with our Islamic life. For this reason, it would be a wise choice to equip our furniture here with suitable or complementary Islamic room decor products. For example, an Iqra Arabic Calligraphy Bookend on your desk or in your library will not only provide the order for your books but will also be a choice that will keep the Islamic peace and serenity alive.


Once you've analyzed your home's room-by-room furniture, it's easy to find a complementary Islamic room decor that fits any of the rooms. There are many selections of fancy Islamic room decor that will go with any type of furniture. Just decide the material and color options and make your rooms the places where the household and the visitors will find peace and happiness together.

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