What is Ayatul Kursi ? And Ayatul Kursi Wall Arts

The Crown Verse

The 255th verse of the Surah al-Baqara, Ayatul Kursi, was named by our Prophet (PBUH) as the master of all verses. In fact, we all somehow learned that the Ayatul Kursi is the most important verse in the Quran. Whenever we feel unhappy and desperate, especially when we are afraid, we have always been taught to read the verse of Ayatul Kursi. Apart from the hadith that states that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said He is the master of all verses about Ayatul Kursi, the importance and virtues of the Ayatul Kursi are mentioned in many other hadiths. Ayatul Kursi is a verse known by heart by almost all Muslims in the world.

Well, have you ever wondered why Ayatul Kursi is so important? Why is its place different among all other verses?

Because Ayatul Kursi contains very deep meanings and especially emphasizes the concept of oneness, that is, the unity of Allah, that there is no creator other than him. It also describes the power and magnificence of Allah Almighty to us. Ayatul Kursi contains the names of Allah in more than any other verse. The names of Allah are also mentioned in other verses, but this number is sometimes two, sometimes five, sometimes ten. However, the name of Allah is mentioned 17 times in Ayatul Kursi. On the other hand, 6 of the attributes of the Allah Almighty can be found in the Ayatul Kursi. The only verse in the Quran that contains 6 attributes at once is the Ayatul Kursi. These attributes are: Life (al-Hayah), Knowledge (al-Ilm), Power (al-Qudrah), Will (al-Iradah), Oneness (al-Wahdaniyyah) and Originating (al-Takwin).


“have you ever wondered why Ayatul Kursi is so important?..”


“Ayatul Kursi was revealed to gather what is explained in all these other verses and to explain Allah's power once again..”

Why was Ayatul Kursi Revealed?

Just before the revelation of Ayatul Kursi, the polytheists had become to rely on the idols they made and expected all from them. Even though they said that they believed in Allah, these people started to associate their own idols with Allah, to worship them and to expect intercession from them. From time to time they even came to deny Allah. For this reason, although many verses that were revealed before Ayatul Kursi described the existence and unity of Allah, Ayatul Kursi was revealed to gather what is explained in all these other verses and to explain Allah's power once again. That is why the verse in which the name and attribute of Allah is mentioned most is the Ayatul Kursi.

When and How was Ayatul Kursi Revealed?

Ayatul Kursi was revealed to the Prophet at night and was written down by Zayd, who was called by our Prophet at that time. According to a rumor, when the Ayatul Kursi was revealed, all the handmade idols that people believed in place of Allah and the kings who put themselves in place of Allah fell off their places. As they fell, the kings' crowns rolled on the ground, and they were all burdened with trouble. Again, according to another rumor, Iblis, feared, said to his people, “Tonight a big incident happened. You guys stay in your places, I'll travel around the world and find out what happened. "

The devil traveled around the world and went to Madinah. "What happened last night?" he asked a man there.

And the man said: “The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: A verse from the treasures of the Throne was revealed and all the idols in the world crashed to the floor.”

Hearing this, Iblis returned to his tribe and told them what happened.


“Tonight a big incident happened. You guys stay in your places, I'll travel around the world and find out what happened.”

The Sayyid and Lord of the Verses of Qur'an is the Ayatul Kursi

Our Prophet (PBUH) said Hz. Ali (a.s) : "O Ali! I am the sayyid and lord of the Arabs; Mecca is the sayyid and lord of the cities; Mount Sinai is the sayyid and lord of all mountains; Gabriel is the sayyid and lord of all angels; your children are the sayyid and lord of paradise youth; Quran is the sayyid and lord of all the books; Baccarat is the sayyid and lord of all the Qur'anic surahs.

There is a verse in the chapter of al-Baqara consisting of 50 words, each of which has 50 blessings. That verse is "Ayatul Kursi".

The virtues of Ayatul Kursi

Only Allah Almighty can know the virtues of Ayatul Kursi most accurately. In addition, only Allah and his Messenger, Prophet Muhammad, can explain the true virtues of the Ayatul Kursi to us. For this reason, it cannot be said that they have such virtues for any verse unless it is stated with the proofs in the Quran. Most of the various virtues written below have survived through rumors or hadiths. There is no evidence in the Qur'an for any of the virtues written down. Undoubtedly, reciting such an important verse will have many virtues, but as we have said, only Allah can know these virtues in real terms. Our duty as Muslims is to take refuge in the power of Allah and to pray to him with full submission and devotion.

Now let's talk about the virtues mentioned or narrated in the hadiths:

  1. Someone who reads the Ayatul Kursi in the morning will be under the protection of Allah until he goes to bed.
  2. If a person puts a piece of paper with the text of the verse, on his children or possessions, they will be protected from the devil.
  3. The reputation of a person who frequently recites the verse increases in public.
  4. If a person who wishes something to come true, reads Ayatul Kursi 170 times after midnight, with wudu, and then pray for his wish, it becomes conducive to come true.
  5. People who have bad dreams and are afraid of them will have auspicious dreams if they read Ayatul Kursi 3 times before going to bed.
  6. If Ayatul Kursi is placed on the door of a house or workplace, a thief cannot enter that place, and the abundance of that place increases.
  7. If Ayatul Kursi is placed on an item, that item will not be lost or stolen.
  8. Satan cannot approach houses where Ayatul Kursi is recited a lot.
  9. The understanding of the person who recites the verse a lot increases and his / her brain opens up to various kinds of information. Good and beneficial doors are opened in front of him.
  10. A person who recites Ayatul Kursi gets rid of bad morals and turns to Allah.
  11. The past sins of a person who recites Ayatul Kursi every day and makes a habit of it is also forgiven.
  12. Ayatul Kursi we recite after the people we have lost cause them to have light in their graves.
  13. The memory of the person who recites Ayatul Kursi gets stronger.
  14. The death of a person who makes a habit of reading Ayatul Kursi would be easy and in peace.
  15. When the verse is recited once while going somewhere, Allah Almighty assigns an angel to protect the reciter. When Ayatul Kursi is read 2 times, 2 angels are assigned. When it is read 3 times, this time Allah Almighty protects the person who reads it himself.
  16. When a person who is left alone at home and is afraid of it recites Ayatul Kursi, his fear disappears.


“Undoubtedly, reciting such an important verse will have many virtues, but as we have said, only Allah can know these virtues in real terms.”

A True Story About the Protective Power of Ayatul Kursi

This incident, which took place in a small town in Manchester, England, is also reported in the local press of the district. According to the report, a Muslim girl realizes that it is getting dark on her way home after school. The girl who wants to go home as soon as possible has two options. In the first option, she will pass a narrow and very dark road between two large apartments and reach her house much faster, or in the second option, she will take the longer road. The Muslim girl chooses to take the shorter and darker route, so as not to be too late home. As the girl was walking along the road, she noticed a man who looked like a very bad person was coming. Very scared, the girl immediately starts to recites Ayatul Kursi. The man walks past the girl, but the very scared girl tells her family about this as soon as she gets home. Since the girl's family had previously read in the newspapers that another girl passing by that road was raped, they immediately took their daughter and went to the police.

After a while, a rape defendant is caught and the police call both the previously raped girl and the Muslim girl to the police station for identification. According to the testimony of the two girls, the person who scares the Muslim girl and the rapist is the same person. The police then asked the rapist why he raped one of the girls and let the Muslim girl go. The answer they get is shocking because the rapist says exactly that, "There were two big men next to the Muslim girl, how could I rape her".

This event, which really astonishes people, enlightens us once again about the protective power of the Ayatul Kursi.

In addition to reciting Ayatul Kursi, which has many virtues, we also keep it as Islamic decor in our homes.

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