Modern Islamic Calligraphy Metal Wall Clocks

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Human beings have been measuring the time to organize and plan their daily life for centuries. Clocks are the most used and looked at device throughout the day. With today's technology, the clocks have transformed from an instrument to track time to an exclusive piece of art that completes the interior fashion. Wall Clocks are devices that we use as decorative and functional in every moment of our life. Islamic Metal Wall Clocks have an incredible aesthetic design that would easily bring life to the room.

History of Clocks

Humankind has been using different methods to keep tracking of time. In ancient times humans used Sundials and Obelisks based on shadow measuring, water, candles, sticks, and Hourglass. And the first mechanical clocks appeared in the 11th Century after that, the invention of Pandelum Clocks came. 

 The Modern clock system is based on a 60-time system from ancient Sumeria. The invention of the mechanical clock mechanism enabled to track of time easily and accurately. With centuries of innovation, clocks have reached the perfection of Arabic metal wall clocks with extensive designs.

Variety of Modern Islamic Calligraphy Metal Wall Clocks

Islamic metal wall clocks collection has many alternatives for almost every style. Silver, gold, copper, and black colors provide the best option for interior designs. In addition, plain and complicated sophisticated designs of Kufic and Hatt calligraphy and variable Quran Surahs are available. 

Traditional Arabic numerals, classic roman, and modern Latin numerals options can be perfect for bringing out the targeted style vintage, modern or traditional. Metal wall clocks also have shiny and matt versions that would fit perfectly any room. Additionally, they are of high aesthetic quality and very durable. 

Using Metal Wall Clocks as Decoration

Clocks are one of the most functional decorations. These accessories can be used almost everywhere living rooms, dining or bedrooms, kitchens and saloons, offices, hotels. A wall with a need for some decoration touch and a small nail is enough for Arabic metal wall clocks

The 3D design art also will add depth to the living spaces. For example, metal clocks' exclusive, elegant design is functional and can serve as a stylish focal point. A wall clock with a design as perfect as a piece of art will immediately change the air of your place. 

The size of a wall clock also plays a significant role in the decoration. Islamic metal wall clocks keep track of time and are also used as decoration items to complete interior design. Its high-quality 3D carved design allows revealing its beauty. 

Clocks have always been one of the best gifts for weddings or newly owned homes. Calligraphic form of Quran on the metal wall clocks makes whoever look at feels blessed and secure. Shiny metal wall clocks, whilst drawing all attention to themselves, reflect lights and cause illusions. Matt metal wall clocks can fit perfectly with indoor fashion with their sophisticated look. Modern Islamic calligraphy metal wall clocks are the best ornaments that can stand as the splendid centerpiece.


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