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We believe that we are protected from bad looks and energy with the evil eye prayer. As a matter of fact, the evil eye also means looking and gaze as a word origin. So what is the place of this belief in our religion?

Prayers are not just requests. We also believe that they are an armor that protects us and a shield that repels the negativity that will hit us. The evil eye prayer is very valuable in this respect.

According to our religion, the evil eye is real and very effective in human life. That is why we often read the evil eye prayer in our daily lives. Both to ourselves and to our loved ones around us... We also ask people with prayers to read evil eye prayers to us.

Some practices and symbols in society also clearly show the importance given to the evil eye and protection against it. For example, it is quite common in our society to pray for the evil eye on babies. Even if we do not recite a prayer, we try to protect them from the evil eye by saying "Masallah".

What is the place of the evil eye prayer in our religion?


We can understand the place of the evil eye prayer in our religion and the importance of the evil eye through our Holy Book, the Holy Quran, and especially the practices and words of our Prophet.

According to our belief, the concept of evil eye is equated with envy and jealousy. When someone looks at someone else with envy and feels jealousy, it can create a negative energy. This negative energy can harm the person.

Although the exact content of the evil eye is not known, we can understand the effects of gaze and eye contact with Surat al-Qalam verse 51. "Verily, when those who disbelieve hear the Zikr (the Qur'an), they almost roll their eyes at you. (They say of you), 'Surely he is a madman'." (Qalam 68:51)

The Prophet informs us of the existence of the evil eye by saying, "The evil eye is true" (Bukhari, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi).

"The evil eye is real. If there was anything that would prevent destiny, the evil eye would prevent it." (Muslim) This hadith shows us the importance and effect of the evil eye.

The Prophet saw a girl child in the house of his wife Umm Salama and noticed that her skin was yellow. He said, "This child has been touched by the evil eye, read her immediately."

It is known that the Prophet recited the following prayer for his grandchildren, Hazrat Hasan and Hazrat Hussein, whom he described as "two of my two basilisks that I kissed and smelled in the world":

"Eûzü bi-kelimâti'llâhi't-tâmmati min kulli shaytânin wa hâmmetin wa min kulli aynin lâmmetin."

(I seek refuge in the exact words of Allah from all kinds of devils, insects and evil eye).

The Prophet also stated that Prophet Abraham referred his sons Ismail and Isaac to the protection of Allah (swt) with this prayer.

Based on all these, we can say the following:

  • The evil eye is true.
  • The evil eye is very effective on people.
  • It is possible to be protected from the evil eye with various prayers.

    What can we read as an evil eye prayer?


    The evil eye prayer protects us from evil and envy and gives us refuge in Allah. Some verses and suras in the Holy Quran and some prayers and dhikr recommended by the Prophet are very effective for the evil eye.

    1. Surahs al-Falaq and Nas: The 113th and 114th surahs of the Holy Quran are also called Surahs al-Muwwizatayn. Muavvizatayn means sheltering and protecting.
      These suras protect people from all kinds of evil, envy and evil.
      It is narrated that the Prophet recited these surahs against the evil eye and advised his companions to recite them as well. (Tirmidhi)
    2. Ayatul Kursi: It is the 255th verse of Surah al-Baqarah. This verse, which describes the glory and absolute protection of Allah, protects from all evils, including the evil eye.
    3. Surah Kalem: The 51st and 52nd verses of this surah are said by scholars to have a protective and therapeutic effect against the evil eye.
    4. Bismillahillezi La Yedurru Prayer: Starting with Besmele and reading this prayer 3 times in the morning and evening, it is protected from magic, evil eye and evil.
      Recitation: Bismillahillezi la yedurru ma'asmihi shay'un fil ardi va la fissema va huwaessemi'ul alim.
      Meaning: Nothing in heaven or on earth can harm the one who takes refuge in the name of Allah! He hears everything and knows everything.
    5. The Prophet said, "Whoever sees something that pleases him and says, 'Masha'Allah la kuvvete illa billah', nothing will harm him." (Bayhaqi)
      Meaning: What Allah wills comes to pass. There is no might and power except Him.

    What makes the evil eye prayer special for us is not only that it is protective. It also strengthens our bond and connection with Allah. With these prayers, our trust and submission to Allah increases. Not only do we move away from feelings of jealousy and envy, but we also find our own inner peace.

    Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones with Evil Eye Prayer!


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    Our painting reads "E'uzu bi kelimatillahi't-tammati min sharri ma halak", that is, "I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah from the evil of His creations". With this prayer narrated from our Prophet, you can feel the name Hafiz of our Almighty Lord on you at all times.

    Mashallah La Havle ve La Gücüete Illa Billah as Evil Eye Prayer Metal Table with Round Lines

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    Mashallah is an expression of wish. It contains the meaning of what Allah wishes or wishes. It also means as Allah wills, how beautiful, God forbid from the evil eye. It is also a sign of amazement, admiration and satisfaction.

    "La havle wa la kuvvete illa billah" means "There is no power other than the power and might of Allah".

    Ayetel Kürsi and Felak-Nas Surahs Set of 3 Metal Table with Evil Eye Prayer

    In addition to the intention of praying for the evil eye, we recite Ayat al-Kursi, the 255th verse of Surat al-Baqarah, and Suras Felak and Nas to be protected from all kinds of trouble and evil.

    Our Prophet has many hadiths about Ayat al-Kursi, Felak and Nas. In the hadiths, it is emphasized that these verses are protective and should be read against the evil eye. These surahs are our daily devotions.

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    Open All Doors With Evil Eye Prayer!

    The evil eye prayer should not be seen only as a method of protection. These prayers are a spiritual path that regulates our life and behavior and strengthens our bond with Allah.

    By having this spiritual key, we come to the realization of being a servant and take refuge in the infinite power of Allah. Thus, we organize our lives on the axis of our faith, move away from emotions such as envy and jealousy, and open our wings to peace and security.

    With the key of prayer, we open Allah's doors of goodness and seek refuge in His harbor of mercy from the evil of His creatures.

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