What is the Place of Gift in Islam?

Gift is an important bridge in our religion in terms of reinforcing love, affection and brotherhood between people. The tradition of gifting is thought to be as ancient as human history.  Although there is no special provision in the Qur'an about giving and receiving gifts, it is possible to find detailed information on the subject of gift-giving through hadiths and the practices of our Prophet.

As the Islamic Wall Art Store family, we sincerely wish to be a bridge in gift-giving and to be instrumental in warming hearts with our products that remind Allah and reflect His names and attributes.

We can list the benefits of gift-giving in terms of our religion as follows:

  • Increases love and affection between believers
  • It removes grudges and resentments from hearts
  • Encourages generosity and charity
  • Reinforces the bonds of brotherhood
  • Strengthens social solidarity
  • Increases spirituality and connection with God
  • Expresses appreciation and thanks
  • Provides an opportunity for religious brothers and sisters from different cultures to get to know each other
  • Ensures the blessing of wealth

Is it Sunnah to Give a Gift as a Present?

We see that gifts and gifting are a window to beauty as both the recommendation and practice of the Prophet, the most beloved of us all. The Prophet gave importance to gift-giving and set an example for us with his life in order for this behavior to turn into practice and become permanent.

The Prophet, the most generous of people, accepted the gifts given to him, but he preferred to share them with his companions, especially those in need, or to give them as gifts. He also gave or shared what was asked of him, even if it was a gift. According to Bukhari, a woman presented the Prophet with a garment called a harmani and a person present asked him to give it to her. The Prophet did not refuse this request and gave the harmani to that person. With this practice of the Prophet, we can say that it is in accordance with the Sunnah to give a gift.

Hadiths about Gift

To give some examples from the Prophet's hadiths about giving and receiving gifts:

  • Give gifts so that your affection for each other may increase!
  • Give gifts to each other. Because gifts remove resentment from hearts. Let not the neighboring ladies despise exchanging gifts with each other. Even if it is a small sheep leg... 
  • A gift is a good sustenance sent by Allah. Accept the gift and give something better in return.
  • Give a gift to the giver of a gift. If you cannot find anything to give, pray for him so that the gift will not go unrequited.
  • When you return from a journey, bring a gift for your children, even if it is a useful stone.
  • Whatever is given to a Muslim brother in order to win his heart and love is called a gift, which is Sunnah.
  • Visit and exchange gifts. Because a visit reinforces love, and a gift removes bad feelings such as hatred, grudge and malice from the heart.

What to Consider When Giving and Receiving Gifts?

Receiving and giving gifts is encouraged by our religion. However, as in all our affairs, we Muslims are primarily responsible for the sake of Allah (swt) when exchanging gifts. To receive for Him and to give for Him. In addition to this, we should also pay attention to the following points:

  • It should be given with a sincere intention and be a means of expressing love and respect.
  • It should be given from halal and clean goods.
  • A gift should not be refused without a valid reason.
  • One should try to reciprocate a gift with a gift. Even if we do not have this opportunity, we should at least respond with thanks.
  • The gift should be given gratuitously without expecting any benefit.
  • Attention should be paid to the spiritual rather than material value of the gift and its suitability to the needs and wishes of the other person.
  • According to our religion, it is necessary to stay away from waste. It is important to have humility and avoid ostentation when giving gifts.
  • The gift should be given in line with our financial possibilities, and preferences that will leave the other person under gratitude should be avoided.
  • Gifts can be prepared especially for children in order to explain the importance of blessed days and nights and to ensure that everyone welcomes the holidays happily.

As the Islamic Wall Art Store family, we want to gain Allah's pleasure and be instrumental in reminding Allah while designing our products. With these products, you can remind your loved ones of Allah and realize a beautiful Sunnah of our Prophet.

Prayer is the Precious Gift

A gift is one of the best ways to warm hearts. A quote from Rumi is as follows: "The best gift you can give to someone is prayer."

While explaining the place of gifts in our religion in this article, it would be impossible not to mention prayer, which is a precious and effortless gift that we can easily give to each other. Our importance and value in the sight of Allah is certainly thanks to our prayers.


As the blessed month of Ramadan has begun, we wish the entire Islamic world a blessed period of time full of blessings, joy and good tidings.

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