Besmele-i Sharif: The Key to Every Door Opening to Good...


Besmele-i sharif is our pure intention to bind our every work to our Almighty Lord. It is to know the real owner of the work we do, the road we travel, the food we take into our mouths; to know and to reach the consciousness of servitude.

Besmele in Arabic:

  • بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Besmele-i Sharif Recitation:

  • Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

The besmela, which means "In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and the Most Gracious", is more than a daily dhikr for us. It makes us feel Allah's unlimited and all-encompassing mercy, His infinite mercy and grace. Thus, every task we start becomes easy and blessed.

The Besmele adds a spiritual depth even to a seemingly ordinary beginning, enabling us to remember Allah at every moment and to see Allah's wisdom in everything we do. It leads us to the horizon of contemplation.

Besmele is the beginning of every good deed. We start every good deed with it. We also make our ordinary works auspicious with the besmela. We know that it is our Almighty Lord who does and makes us do the work we think we have done. With the Besmela, we rely on Him and trust Him. In this way, we get away from anxiety and mischief.

As the Islamic Wall Art family, while designing our products, we want you to feel the presence, blessing and protection of Allah on you at every moment rather than adding aesthetic beauty to your homes.

With our Besmele written paintings, we wish you to start every work with His name and open all doors with goodness.

The Place of Besmele in the Qur'an and Sunnah


We can accept the Besmele as a spiritual refuge. We sometimes abbreviate the besmele, which we often recite in our daily lives, as Bismillah. Bismillah means with the name of Allah.

We can list the reasons why the Besmelah has such a large place in our lives in written and oral form as follows:

  • The Besmele is found at the beginning of all suras in our Holy Book, the Holy Qur'an, except Surah Tevbe, and is found in verse 30 of Surah Neml.
  • The Qur'an begins with Surah Fatiha and opens with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.
  • The Prophet Muhammad emphasized the importance of the besmel with the hadith "Every word or deed that does not begin with the remembrance of Allah Almighty is unblessed" (Ibn-i Hanbal, II, 360).
  • According to a hadith narrated from Hazrat Aisha, the Prophet said, "When one of you is going to eat, say 'Bismillah'. If he forgets to say the besmela at the beginning of the meal, he should say 'Bismillahi fi evvelihi wa ahirihi', that is, 'In the name of Allah at the beginning and at the end'." (Tirmidhi, Et'ime)
  • The besmela had a very large and important place in the life of the Messenger of Allah. He would say the besmela when leaving the house, entering and leaving the masjid, performing ablution, and getting on his mount. In order to follow his Sunnah, the besmela has a precious place in our lives as well.
  • It is obligatory to say the besmela before slaughtering animals whose meat is halal (An'am-6/121).

    The Aspect of the Besmele to Us


    Besmele-i şerif has had an exceptional place in our culture and civilization since we were honored with Islam.

    • At our table, our hands reach for the blessings with the besmela, and those dishes multiply with the blessings of the besmela.
    • It is our beginning of the day, our first step over the threshold and the gratitude of our return to our household.
    • It is the intention to deliver our worship to its owner.
    • It is our fulcrum in the struggle against difficulties and the facilitator of our work.
    • The one who makes good deeds even more beautiful and drives away the ego.
    • It is our safe departure on a journey and our safe return.
    • It is the intention to have a child in order to raise a good generation.
    • It is the first word of orators, the first verse of poets, the first sentence of writers.
    • It is the most unique work of calligraphers.
    • Bismillah is the beginning of every good. It is the key to all good doors.

      Besmele-i Sharif is to Become Conscious of Servitude

      Besmele-i sharif means to start a work only in the name of Allah, with the hope of gaining Allah's consent, with Allah's permission, and by taking refuge in Allah's names of Rahman and Rahim.

      We should also consider the wisdom of including the names "Rahman" and "Rahim" among the 99 Names of Allah Almighty in the Besmel. By reciting these names, we realize our need for Allah's mercy, compassion and forgiveness and we take our steps with these wishes. We want this not only for our worldly life but also for our eternal home, the hereafter.

      With the Besmela, we ask our Lord, the Almighty, for the strength we need to be able to do the good deeds we want to do. We feel the confidence of relying on Him to complete a good deed. We realize our servitude and our need for Allah's help in every moment, in every action.

      The besmela is also very important as it becomes a good habit, even if we sometimes say it without thinking about the deeper meaning. When we say it with the consciousness of servitude by realizing our helplessness, it becomes a means that adds flavor and blessing to our lives.

      Beautify Your Life with Besmele-i Şerif Paintings!


      We intend to add a spiritual depth and abundance to your homes and workplaces with our Besmele-i şerif written paintings and wall decors. With this intention, we want to remind Allah while designing our products on this path we set out by saying Bismillah and we want to beautify everything in this way.

      We make sure that our Besmele paintings are of high quality and have a high aesthetic value. We strive for the spiritual beauty of the Besmele to be reflected in the appearance of our paintings. We offer usage advantages for your home and workplace decoration with our products. We can list them as follows:

      • You can easily harmonize with the decor of your home and workplace with our metal, acrylic and glass paintings.
      • You can easily choose from our besmele metal paintings, which we produce in different sizes both horizontally and vertically, for your walls of all shapes and sizes.
      • You can make any choice you want with our products designed with both Latin and Arabic letters.
      • You can choose the style that is closer to you among the unique beauty of calligraphy and the originality of kufic writing.
      • You can get an aesthetic and functional use with the Besmele written metal keychain Islamic wall decor.
      • You can bless your tables with a stylish presentation with napkin decorations with the Besmele inscription.
      • You can use our products with quality materials and precision workmanship for many years.

        You can also consider our paintings produced with the quality of Islamic Wall Art as a meaningful gift option to constantly remember the besmele, which we should include in every moment of our day, to keep it in your home and remind your loved ones.
        We wish you to open all the doors of goodness with our Besmele paintings and that every door you turn to opens to goodness...

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