Decorative Wooden Islamic Wall Art


a wooden Islamic wall art, for example, with fine workmanship, becomes a masterpiece that every Muslim can easily put in the best corner of his living room...”

Islamic Calligraphy comes to our mind when we are talking about home decor for Islamic interior design. And this shows itself in the forms of metal, fabric, and wood. There are so many different types of Islamic calligraphic decorative products that a Muslim is lucky enough to find the most appropriate one for his home decor.

Why Choose Wooden Islamic Wall Art Products?

Wooden ones come first when we consider the quality and elegance of Islamic Calligraphic artwork. Today, many wall art ornaments and tabletop art objects are made with Islamic methods, but wooden ones constitute a more special place. And they are preferred more in Islamic interior design. 

Yes, wood is such a material that it can be more easily cut, processed, and carved than other materials. At the same time, shaping the wood also requires special skills. Therefore, a wooden Islamic wall art, for example, with fine workmanship, becomes a masterpiece that every Muslim can easily put in the best corner of his living room.

What are the Most Popular Wooden Islamic Wall Art Products?

Wooden Islamic wall art, of course, must be following Islamic values ​​in whatever form. When we are talking about wooden Islamic wall art, we do not mean wall art in the form of sculptures or paintings that are not suitable to Islamic beliefs. What we mean is Islamic wall art, which is created by using the art of Islamic calligraphy or by using the methods of carving, or embroidery with the words of Allah (SWT), or the advice of the Qur'an.

When the method is Islamic calligraphy and the content of the wooden Islamic wall art is coming from such holy sources as Qur’an and Hadith, it is obvious that the Muslim population will not have any trouble in terms of finding an appropriate piece of art for their interior decoration. Considering the many types of wooden Islamic wall art created beautifully and elegantly as well as suitably for Islamic thought, Muslim families are lucky enough to easily find the most appropriate piece of Islamic wall art according to their beliefs and furniture preferences.

The Most Stylish Wooden Islamic Wall Art

On the other hand, Kufic and Khatt are the two most common forms of wooden Islamic wall art. These traditional forms of ornamentations coming from the early years of Islam still constitute the basic type of Islamic wall art models for the wooden types as well as other materials such as metal or fabric. Therefore, the artwork that is based on the two mentioned types becomes priceless for the Muslims. 

Finally, today, many stylish and modern wooden Arabic wall art pieces combine with any furnishing. For this reason, Muslim homes always feel spacious and peaceful enough as long as they include a piece from the most elegant collection of modern wooden Islamic wall art. Also, as Muslims, we should remember that they will make a perfect gift for our friends, too.

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