Islamic Metal Wall Clock Models for Your Home


people prefer the kind of wall clock that best matches their personalized interior design...

The term "time is money" is always applicable in our daily life no matter what job we are dealing with.  Although we still tell the time by looking at the clocks on the walls or watches around the wrists and keep them as precious objects, there seems to be a difference in today’s world. Clocks have become so ordinary that a typical wall clock or wristwatch is needed only for decoration today because you can learn about the time anywhere at a click on the internet, for example.

Therefore, a wall clock has to mean a lot more than telling the time when there are numerous other ways of knowing about the time with the opportunities of today’s technology.

Yes, wall clocks are a thing of the past to tell the time only, but they do still stand as the most widely used decoration in our homes in addition to telling the time. In other words, we use a variety of wall clocks in our homes to complement the interior design. Therefore, there are many types of wall clocks with different shapes, colors, and materials in the market. And people prefer the kind of wall clock that best matches their personalized interior design.

Why Islamic Metal Wall Clock Models?

As Muslims, we use wall clocks for decoration, too. But when it comes to the patterns and shape of the wall clocks, again, we don’t prefer any type with any pictures or patterns that contradict our beliefs. Namely, the shape, color, and messages on our wall clocks should be in harmony with our spiritual and religious characteristics. These factors enabled many Islamic metal wall clock models to be produced, and they have been a unique wall art object that perfectly matches with our Islamic way of modern interior design today.


In this respect, the Islamic metal wall clock is designed to carry messages in the forms of verses from the Quran and other words and phrases that every Muslim uses in their practical life. For this reason, every time someone looks for the time on the walls, they remember the teachings of Allah (SWT) in addition to the beauty that the Arabic metal wall clock creates in the living rooms of Muslim homes.

The Best Islamic Metal Wall Clock Models

Consider hanging on your walls the Surah Al Ikhlas Shiny Metal Islamic Wall Clock with selections of gold, shiny copper, and silver. Or take a look at the beauty of Kalimat ash-Shahadah Islamic Metal Wall Clock in the form of Kufic Islamic Calligraphy. And think of the aesthetics these unique pieces of art will add to the interior design of your home in the most appropriate way.

Finally, it’s true that there are many alternatives to knowing about the time today. However, when it comes to the interior design for Muslim homes, a good Islamic metal wall clock is the object that every Muslim family would like to keep in their homes as one of the best complementary wall art objects for their interior design.

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