Art mural islamique moderne décoratif 2022


When it comes to the type of interior artwork that inspires Muslims most is Islamic Calligraphy...”

Decorative Modern Islamic Wall Arts are important in daily Muslim life...

For Muslims, God’s blessing, and spiritual well-being is beyond everything in every part of their life. Muslims spend most of their private and precious time at home; therefore, their homes should be designed in a way that reminds them of Allah (SWT) because they want to feel His blessing and protection everywhere in their homes, too.

Such a transcendental aim has greatly shaped modern Islamic wall art aesthetically. Consequently, today, many stylish modern Islamic wall art products enrich the interior design of Muslim homes and workplaces where they spend most of their time.

What is Islamic Calligraphy?

When it comes to the type of interior artwork that inspires Muslims most is Islamic Calligraphy. This unique art is a legacy that comes from the early years of Islam. As Muslims, we are inspired by the vision of the letters beautifully embroidered on pieces of various materials such as metal, wood, or texture in modern times.

There are different forms of modern Islamic wall art in the form of Arabic Calligraphy. Kufic and Khatt are the two basic forms. Kufic is the early form of Arabic script. Now, it is very common to see elegant Kufic wall art pieces in the homes of many Muslims.


Khatt, on the other hand, is the round form of Arabic script. It was presented by the Ottoman Empire and has been used by all the Arab population with the styles introduced in the times of the Empire. Differently from Kufic, Khatt necessitates certain rules when letters are combined, making it more aesthetic and artistic.


There are a number of Kufic calligraphic Islamic wall art that goes well with every type of home in a variety of dimensions now. Likewise, modern Islamic wall art in the form of Khatt very well combine with any corner of the Islamic houses today.


What are the features of Modern Islamic Wall Décor?


Another key principle that Muslims follow in their interior design is harmony and authenticity, as well as spirituality.  These principles have formed the basis of Islamic art for centuries. And they continue to inspire the Muslim world in the form of modern Islamic wall art today. The ideas based on these principles have been reflected in the form of the stunning designs  that we see on the walls of many Muslim homes as of today.


All in all, when it comes to art in Islam, besides physical beauty, spiritual meaning is also important. These elements make Islamic wall art more sophisticated. And when special care is given to harmony and spirituality in creating Islamic art products, every piece of modern Islamic wall art becomes a masterpiece.

Finally, as Muslim families, we adore the spiritual harmony, serenity, and blessing from Allah (SWT) in our homes; therefore, we never hesitate to include in our interior design the most precious modern Arabic wall art products. We also know that they will make a perfect gift for our friends on every special occasion and family visiting, too.

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