When Does Ramadan 2024 Start? Are We Ready for the Holy Month?

2024 Ramadan is just around the corner. As the month of Ramadan, which is the apple of the eye of the entire Islamic world and which we cherish as the sultan of the eleven months, approaches, everyone is in a sweet rush... With the first day of Ramadan, March 11, just around the corner, we are all asking the question: Are we ready for Ramadan?

Ramadan 2024 Begins: Let's Start with Bismillah!


As we approach Ramadan 2024, we all have the same refrain as every Ramadan: Where are those old Ramadan days? Was it really better in the past or was it the purity of those times that made everything more beautiful? Bismillah for the beginning of a new Ramadan with the prayer that the unifying and peaceful atmosphere of Ramadan will envelop us just like in our childhood...

What Preparations for Ramadan 2024?

As Ramadan 2024 approaches, the excitement of this month has already enveloped us all. As the preparations to welcome Ramadan continue in our homes, we, as the Islamic Wall Art family, wish to do justice to Ramadan with our special designs for this month and give you a more memorable Ramadan.

So, what preparations can we make to welcome Ramadan?

Spiritual Preparation for Ramadan 2024


2024 It is the desire of every Muslim to do justice to the month of Ramadan, to benefit from its abundance and blessings, and to make this holy time a means to reach paradise. Ramadan is also precious because it includes Laylat al-Qadr, the night of the revelation of the Holy Qur'an, which is better than a thousand months. In order to live this month based on the Qur'an, we can plan reading and focus on its meaning.

Undoubtedly, the first worship that comes to mind when we think of Ramadan is fasting. In order to keep fasting, which involves prolonged fasting, more comfortable and healthy and to comprehend its meaning, we can research the Prophet's Sunnahs about fasting and prepare sahur and iftar nutrition preparations in this regard.

In order to enter Ramadan clean in a spiritual sense, washing ourselves in the wells of repentance and supplication will make us fresh and pure. Ramadan, which we will enter by cleansing ourselves from sins, will surely be more abundant.

2024 How to Clean and Organize Your Home for Ramadan?


2024 Before entering the otherworldly atmosphere of Ramadan, it will be easier for us to benefit from every moment of this blessed month by preparing ourselves and the environment we live in accordingly. In addition to the importance our religion attaches to cleanliness, the increase in worship during Ramadan and the abundance of guests we host make us more sensitive to the cleanliness and order of our homes.

For us, things are not just a commodity that is sold or bought. For us, things are mirrors in which the attributes and names of our Lord, who created the worlds, are manifested. Paintings and decorations that remind us of Allah's attributes and names and allow us to see Him at every moment will be a good choice for us to breathe the Ramadan atmosphere in our homes.

Are We Ready for Large Tables in Ramadan 2024?


2024 Ramadan is not only a special time for the entire Islamic world, but also brings with it unique rituals and habits in our culture. In this month when fasting is obligatory, the meaning of iftar and sahur becomes more meaningful with the crowded tables formed by the spirit of unity. Undoubtedly, the shopping lists and preparations for iftar and sahur tables will help us to spend Ramadan less hectic.

2024 The Secret to Winning Ramadan: Zakat

Ramadan is not only the life of the Islamic world but also of the whole world in terms of reminding us of the values that remain ancient in a changing world. It is the fast and holy way to help, to reach from individuality to sociality, to call for good, to empathize and to get closer to Allah...

Zakat and Fitrah are certainly one of the most important acts of worship that come to mind when Ramadan is mentioned. With these acts of worship, we can not only ensure our salvation by filling our own good deeds, but we can also relieve some of their troubles by taking care of our brothers and sisters in need. By sharing and helping each other, we can live a Ramadan that reflects the spirit of Islam.

We can list the importance of zakat and fitrah as follows:

  • Helps reduce income inequality between rich and poor
  • Ensures social cooperation and solidarity
  • It provides an opportunity for purification by enabling people to struggle with their nafs by giving away their wealth and money
  • It helps the poor to enter Eid happily
  • It encourages individuals to be a good person

Preparing our zakat and fitrah in advance will be a great way for us to start breathing the Ramadan spirit even before it arrives.

How Can We Follow Ramadan 2024?


In my childhood, I used to understand the approach of Ramadan from the timetables that came to our house. The timetable hung on the most visible wall of the house would be a guide for our elders and a guide for us, showing how many days we were in this blessed period of time.

Produced specially for the month of Ramadan, the beginning of which is mercy, the middle is forgiveness and the end is salvation from fire, our desktop calendar, which offers an aesthetic appearance with its elegant and stylish design, can be a modern reflection of the past and can be a pleasant occasion for us to both live a beautiful tradition and realize this blessed time period.

How Can We Welcome Ramadan 2024 for Our Kids?


As the month of Ramadan 2024 approaches, we can make our precious children feel the spirit of Ramadan and teach them the right and good behaviors. The impact of Ramadan on children should not be considered only in terms of faith. We can list the strong influence of this month on children as follows:

  • Increases family interaction and communication with iftar and sahur tables
  • Develops a sense of togetherness through worship together
  • Learn to exercise willpower, empathy and patience through fasting
  • It makes him happier by being aware of the blessings he has and being grateful for them
  • Understands the importance of social solidarity as well as learning to help and share with charity
  • Develops a sense of belonging by establishing a connection with the community

With the Ramadan Pouch we have designed for children, we hope to teach them good qualities and give them a Ramadan they will never forget. The pouches for each day of Ramadan will be overflowing with surprise gifts from their families as children complete their Ramadan tasks! Ramadan 2024 will be a month of fun and learning, a month they will remember with beauty and a sweet smile!

As We Welcome Ramadan 2024...


Ramadan 2024 begins on March 11 with the first sahur and the first iftar. We have started to make both material and spiritual preparations with a sweet rush and a sincere orientation to live this blessed month to its fullest. We wish you a blessed Ramadan that will bring good for ourselves, our generation, the Islamic world and even all humanity.

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